Writer Motivation: An Article by Brielle McLean.

Brielle McLean

Hey all! I’m so excited to do this guest blog, as this is a topic I’m very passionate about. And that is how to stay motivated while writing. Now, a lot us—when we’re first starting our story—we get super excited. Maybe we have an outline or a fresh story idea in our head. We start writing it, and it’s actually going pretty great.

But then we get to a certain point where the idea doesn’t seem so fresh anymore. The outline might not be how we want, or the dialogue isn’t so great. The story’s starting to look pretty bland, and a thousand more story ideas are starting to pop in your head. A lot of us begin to fall into this cycle of unfinished draft after unfinished draft.

So I’m here to tell you all some of the methods I’ve been using stay motivated to write my story.

Write down why you wrote this story

Something I’ve found helpful when I don’t feel motivated is to remind myself why I wanted to write this story. Try writing it down, and whenever other story ideas pop into your head, read what you wrote. You’ll probably feel inspired all over again.

Get an accountability partner

An accountability partner is someone (a writer, friend, etc.) who makes sure you’re writing. Bonus points if they are a writer because you two can swap work with each other.

Change the scenery

If you have a writing routine, say you’re always writing in your backyard or drink tea while writing, change it up! Go to a cafe or drink coffee while writing. If you usually write in the mornings, then write at night. Sometimes changing things up adds some excitement to your writing and can make you get more motivated.

Write another story

Now, I know this post is about getting motivated to write your current WIP, but changing to another story has its benefits too. For one, it goes back to ‘changing things up’ in the sense that you get a fresh outlook on writing. Also, while working on this new story, you might get ideas or inspiration for your other WIP. Plus, and this is rarely the case, your current WIP may not be the story for you, and this different idea bouncing around your brain may be what motivates you.

A quick disclaimer that this writer’s block you’re getting is rarely from needing to write another story idea. I suggest trying the other tips mentioned before abandoning this story.

Take a break

Now, if you have already been away from your story, then I suggest using some of the other tips. But if you’re just now getting unmotivated, taking a break from your story can allow you fresh eyes when you come back to it. I suggest two weeks tops if you want to take a break. And you don’t have to stop working on the story either. Make a music playlist, character profile sheets, or do some outlining for your work in progress. Which brings me to my next tip.

Outline your story or get rid of your outline

Say you already have an outline for your story. The pressure of having to follow that outline could be why you’re feeling demotivated to write your book. So try steering away from the outline and go with what you want to happen in the current moment.

On the flip side, maybe the lack of an outline is leaving you at a loss for what to write next. Try outlining what should happen in the next few chapters and see if that makes a difference in your motivation.

Visualize your completed story

Take a moment to imagine your finished story. Maybe it’s a print book sitting in your favorite bookstore. Imagine how it feels in your hand as you turn through the pages. That’s your book. The one you’re working on right now. So don’t give up on it, yet, because you never know what it can become.


I hope these tips have helped you get or stay motivated while writing! I really want you all to be encouraged and motivated to finish whatever story you want to write. So, if you want more inspiration, feel free to DM me or follow my social media below!


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