The Self-Publishing Quest: An Article by Estelle Grace Tudor.

Hi all! This is Estelle Grace Tudor and I’m so pleased Lev invited me to guest on her blog today. I’m going to be sharing a little about my self-publishing journey so far.

I am a multi-genre author, but my focus is middle-grade fantasy. I will be releasing the first book in a series of five, Octavia Bloom and The Missing Key, in July this year.

The main reason I decided to self-publish is so I could have greater control over when the books would actually be published. I am hoping to get all five out into the world by November 2021, in order for them to still be relevant to my target audience.

It has been all systems go since I made this decision!I have made numerous lists because one of the most important aspects of self-publishing is forward planning. There is a lot to the process, and you have to be willing to put yourself out there and actually promote your book in the lead up to the release. I know that’s tough to do for introverts, (and I’m a big one!)

Another thing I had to consider is cost, I wanted my book to stand tall against the traditionally published books so I saved up and budgeted in order to get a quality book cover, and to get my book edited by a professional. These things matter in ensuring the success of any book and the future of you as a credible author. I source out anything I’m not confident in doing myself.

I have connected with the indie author community on Instagram and they have been invaluable in pointing me in the right direction when it comes to the stages of the self-publishing process. I have also utilised Facebook groups where you can get your back-cover blurb critiqued or swap MS’s for feedback.

Currently my novel is going through its final copy edits and I have booked a formatter who will set out my novel to industry standards, whilst adding some wow factor by interweaving images onto the chapter headers.

I have purchased my ISBN numbers and I’m in the process of setting up Amazon and Ingram Spark accounts as I want to utilise both platforms in order to cover all distribution channels and book type options.

I have just put together a release schedule to build up interest before the launch day, and have exciting things planned like a cover reveal and a giveaway. I aim to do a blog tour also and I’m hoping Lev will have me back for a follow up!

This is all new to me and I’m learning as I go, but I’m happy to answer any questions on the process or point you in the direction of individuals who can help edit, format or design you an epic book cover. I can be reached over on my Instagram page and I am also designing a website too and hope to have a newsletter set up soon also.

I wish you all every success in your writing journey whether you are embarking on the querying process or finding your own way like me. Just remember, perseverance is key to any quest!


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