Take Some Books Off My Hands. Please.

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

My house is full of bookshelves. They're in my bedroom, in my den, in my attic and basement, in my library. They are bursting with all sorts of genres, with paperbacks and hardcovers, with stories for all ages. I've kept everything in good condition. (After all, to damage a book is sacrilegious.) I sometimes admire them, and their alphabetized glory. Working in the library has made me a bit of a lunatic.

Also, it has given me access to lots of books. And I've put myself on a budget. College, car insurance, upcoming surgery...these are more important than filling another bookcase. I can't believe I just wrote those words, but it's true. I have so many books. Wonderful, beautiful books that...I'll probably never read again.

That sounded grim.

I just mean my taste has changed. Or perhaps I never liked them in the first place. Nevertheless, it's time to begin clearing out the books and giving them to new homes. I've spent the past week cataloguing what I'll be selling, and over time, there will be something for everyone.

What kind of books will you be selling?

Right now, I'm working on selling hardcovers AND paperbacks in YA novels in young adult, literary fiction, thriller, mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, and historical fiction. In the near future I'll be selling homeschool materials, middle grade, children's, and nonfiction.

Where can I buy?

I'm selling through eBay! My username is madisonsiwak77 and you can find all my items for sale through this link:


How often will you add new items?

Every week! I have a lot of books, so if you don't see something you like now, come back in a few days and maybe a new item will catch your eye!


Even if you don't buy any books, thank you for reading this. I'm very excited to give these books to new homes! I would appreciate if you spread the word about this new venture, because I think some folks really would love a good bargain. (I know I do, that's for sure.)

I hope you have a wonderful day...and happy reading!




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