"Enjoying Your Own Writing": An Interview with Sarah Frank.

Today's interview is with Sarah Frank, who is a successful teen author. At only seventeen years old, she has had several books published and collected several accolades for her writing. Sarah is also involved with working with, helping, and encouraging other young writers to pursue their dreams. Read on to learn more, and enjoy this interview with Sarah Frank.


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Here’s my third person bio!

"Sarah Frank is a senior from Florida and an award-winning teen author. She has written two novels entitled One Chance and Two Secrets, as well as founded her own non-profit called Simple Studies. Simple Studies is committed to overcoming education inequity (something Sarah is very passionate about) via providing free resources. Sarah speaks at schools as an author with the goal of inspiring the kids to read, write, and follow their dreams. She also has a free writing program called the SF Writing Program (https://sfwriting.thinkific.com) for aspiring writers. In her free time, you could find her talking with her friends, writing poetry, and watching Netflix."

What fellow authors inspire you?

My favorite books growing up were Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Divergent. Those authors (JK Rowling, Rick Riordan, and Veronica Roth) created worlds out of words that I felt such a big part of. I found that incredibly cool and inspiring and wanted to do it myself!

What has your writing journey looked like?

My writing journey has not always been easy. I wrote my first draft of my book, One Chance, in 5th grade. I was 11 and I already wanted to look into publishing. People didn’t believe in me and their doubt stung but I used it as fuel to my fire. At the Tampa Bay Area Writing Project fall conference in 2015, the year’s guest speaker was Luana Mitten, CEO of BeaLu Books.

I’d self-published a short book of poetry in 5th grade that she heard about. She invited me to speak on a panel of authors to answer questions. After the panel, she gave me her business card and expressed interest in publishing my book. I signed my contract in May 2017 and released One Chance in January 2018, Two Secrets in November 2019, and Three Quests this coming fall.

You’ve had tremendous success and serve as a great inspiration to many young writers. What is one piece of advice you could share?

My favorite piece of advice to give is to make sure you enjoy the writing. Too frequently, writers get caught up in critique as they write. The writing brain and the editing brain don’t work together, they’re not meant to coexist. Write it and enjoy writing it, THEN look to edit and revise. You can always go back to it. On a similar note, if the story doesn’t feel right for you, don’t write it. Sometimes you have to hit some dead-end stories to find the right one.

Can you pitch us the series you’re currently working on?

The One Chance Series is time-travel, magic, mystery, and history molded together in 3 riveting books. The stories follow a girl named Sandy and her friends navigating mysterious disappearances, murders, events, and more. There’s a whole world of magic and mystery out there that these kids are only just discovering.

How did you go about developing this series?

I wrote the first book, One Chance, in a red notebook in 5th grade. I kept writing and wrote the next two books in 6th grade. I then started editing them and rewriting in 7th grade, got under contract in 8th grade, and edited One Chance all of that year for a freshman year release. Editing was a LOT of work but definitely worth it. Sophomore year, I rewrote Two Secrets and released in my junior year, then spent junior year rewriting Three Quests to release my senior year.

What is the most rewarding part of writing these books?

My freshman year of high school, right after the first book release, I started touring elementary and middle schools. I have since spoken to over 5,000 kids to inspire them to read, write, and follow their dreams. During every presentation, I remind them I am not the best writer in the world and that I’m not even the best writer that I know: it’s all about hard work. My presentations have taught me that inspiring others is one of the most fulfilling things to do. If I can inspire just one student at one of my talks, it’s time well-spent.

Do you have future projects you’d like to discuss?

I have a writing program that I recently launched! The SF Writing Program aims to provide free writing resources to any aspiring writers. There are worksheets, activity sets, and general tips already on the site and in the works! The site is located at https://sfwriting.thinkific.com.


Follow Sarah on Instagram: @sarahfrankauthor

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