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Madison was able to provide quality feedback on my query letter. Her industry expertise helped me perfect the structure and content of my query, and she was quick to respond when I asked for further advice on applying her suggestions. She was professional, and easy to work with the whole way through, and thanks to her, I was confident in my query letter as I sent it out to literary agents and publishers!

-Ben K.

I've worked with Madison a few times for a few different things, and each experience was incredible. Her edits are educational and non-judgemental, and I come away from her feedback feeling like I understand craft and writing better than I did before! She is thorough and thoughtful and has a great understanding of the industry and what agents expect from you. I 100% recommend her services!!

-Chelsea E.

"Madison was a fantastic beta reader. She truly took the time to read my opening chapter with care and offered thoughtful and helpful feedback. She frames her suggestions positively but doesn't skim over any detail - you are truly getting a 'proper' review of all aspects of your work for a very reasonable price. I would love to work with Madison again in the future and absolutely recommend her services!"

-Sarah M. 

Without Madison’s shrewd eyes on my disaster of a draft, I might still be floundering. Her feedback & encouragement was specific, honest, and timely. The direction she suggested my manuscript head in has been a game changer & my output of work has increased significantly. 

-Halie H. 

"Madison offered AMAZING critiques to my query. Not only did she highlight strange wording but also noted where my query was too vague. With a great editorial eye, she was able to pinpoint specific problems with my query and also how to help fix the problems. Overall, she has helped me make my query stronger than ever. Would 100% recommend to anyone struggling with their query like I was!"

-Ashley R. 

"Madison's beta reading feedback is fantastic, and she was able to give a few suggestions regarding one of the specific concerns I had for my first chapter - and the suggestions are brilliant. She pointed out the weak points in a gentle manner while also noting what aspects were strong, so I received a well-rounded assessment. I highly recommend her for beta reading your first chapter."

-Jenn E. 

"Working with Madison was a dream! She was communicative, ahead of schedule, was very kind and helpful with her feedback. The time she took to read over my first chapter and provide a comprehensive breakdown after was incredible and her energy is infectious. I loved being able to feel like I was sending my "baby" off to someone safe. 10/10 recommend!"

-Rebekah B. 

Madison is an exceptional beta reader. Focusing on my hook, world-building, character development, voice, and pacing, she provided a thorough review of my first chapter. Her expertise was exactly what I needed to improve my manuscript and, honestly, validate me as an aspiring author. Your words are safe in Madison's capable hands. Do yourself a favor, and sign up for her services sooner rather than later!

-Rachel J. 

I have had my query critiqued by LOTS of people. Agents, other authors, critique partners. But by far Madison’s critiques have made the most difference. She pointed out specific details like vague phrases and things that were confusing. However, what I liked most was how she was able to take the bones of a query and shift it or slightly tweak phrases to pack a punch. I couldn’t recommend Madison enough to anyone who, like me, was struggling with their query!

-Ashley R.

"Madison is an amazing beta reader! Her report was well balanced between things to improve and things that she enjoyed. She talked about every point I asked for feedback on, and pointed out additional things as well! And on top of that, she gave specific compliments that have given me a new confidence in my opening chapters!"

-Annika T. 

I can’t recommend Madison enough! Very friendly communication with honest feedback. Her critique on my query letter and first pages were so good that I’m sending her my full manuscript to review as well.

-Madison K. 

"Her turnaround was very quick and her feedback was spot on and well received. She showed me an issue that I wasn't sure about myself, and it was great to have another pair of eyes go over my first chapter. Her report on my Hook, Character development, Voice & Style, and Pacing was exceptional and will be extremely useful in my second draft. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a beta reader."

-Axel F.

"Madison is an absolute delight to work with! She was super quick on the turnaround for this project and gave thoughtful, well-rounded feedback that was tailored to my concerns. Her comments were encouraging and pointed out confusing wording or other issues tactfully - absolutely sweet and professional! I will definitely be working with Madison again! Highly recommend."

-Chelsea E. 

"Madison did a phenomenal job of critiquing my query letter. Even though she said it was already quite strong, she pointed out a couple things to fine tune that others had never mentioned. Her being an intern at a top-notch literary agency is a huge boon, and her feedback and encouragement have helped me feel confident to query soon. Hire her. You won't regret it."

-Jordan S.

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